Help with animations

Hello developers, I want to know how I could do to make an animation “follow” the camera or the mouse, I have 3 days trying tutorials but I can’t find any way to get it, it would be very helpful if you send me something to help me.

i use this tutorial: How to animate Tool Parts (Guns, Knifes etc.)


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why don’t you motor6d the gun to the character’s hands (or hand)

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just weld the gun to the hands.

i try that but this happends:

im using R5 for the anims, but it didnt works

Your main issue is that your animation calls for the gun to be in that position whilst your arms are following the camera, you’ll have to link it up manually without the animation. Motor6Ds solve that, if its ends up not orientated its not welded properly. Try switching both of the target parts (Part0 & Part1). I also HIGHLY recommend using Moon Animator for animations with tools and making sure 6ds are set up properly. Its a trial and error sort of a thing, try differing things and they’ll end up working eventually.