Help with anti-exploit safeguards

I have a space game with two or more factions. In this game, I have all ships (which the players are controlling) in a folder called “GameObjects”. My issue is, that an exploiter could simply use some sort of camera exploit to go to the other team’s home region and gain information he should have been unable to.

How do I only make parts that are in a certain range of the player be replicated to the client? The server has to control this or else the localscript could be deleted/modified by the exploiter.

I’ve never really done anything like this, my antiexploit checks are mainly just making the server do the work and not “trusting” the client as guides on this forum have suggested.

A solution aswell as an explanation of how it works would be very much appreciated!

Quick edit if its unclear:

I want to be able to choose which parts/models will be replicated to the client. Is there any way to do this?

I really have no clue, but this could maybe be related

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I Think Try Using This:

And Load Parts By Requesting The Around of The Player If I Right…