Help with applying a position offset

I Am making some cool laser for my a upcoming event. What I’m trying to do is to generate and apply an offset to the lasers after they have been generated. Below Is a video of the laser generation module working:


What I’m having an issue with is apply the position offset. Right now to get he offset I do 160/Laser_Beam_Count This gives me offset based off the angle. But the I’m not sure how to apply it to each beam attachment. So it does something like the image below:

I have tried to make a loop that applies the position offset, but I don’t know how to make it work or where to reduce lines to make it more efficient. The code I have tried using for applying the offset is below:

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All I need help with is applying the position offset to each beam. How it should always start from the left to right. I will add a image bellow with what I mean:

I would greatly appreciate if anyone is able to help, as I am very confused on how to approach this problem.

It’s hard to understand without seeing the code
Why does it matter if someone copies your lasers?