Help with "appropriate" Audio Uploading

Let it be stated that I posted this because I want my voice to be heard about the topic as it is quite upsetting to me as I’ve been very intent on keeping a clean slate when it comes to Roblox. Regardless, I do have a few questions.

Before I start, I have quite a mouthful, so jump to the end for a summary if you want.

Today I was very excited as I had just finished editing several NCS songs to just include the beat drop. Now, I knew that the likeliness of all of them being uploaded without any setbacks was very low, but I was ready to talk to the appeals team as they have helped me in the past. Little did I know this was a big mistake.

So I started uploading, and after uploading about twenty songs, there it was; my first warning. I had apparently uploaded a “distorted audio” and should make sure to review the rules. (Audio link below.) I am very aware of the limitations Roblox puts on audios, but I had uploaded a clip of the original audio.

Surely Roblox appeals team would be able to sort out this mess.

You can guess how that went. Apparently, I must have fallen asleep at my laptop and somehow distorted the audio because I received back that my account was correctly moderated.

TLDR: I was incorrectly (in my opinion) warned because my audio upload was “distorted.”

Naturally, this leaves me with a couple of questions:

  1. Is there any way to get a second opinion from Roblox about my audio?

  2. How do I reupload without getting another warning for distorting it?

  3. Partly goes with 2, What can I do to be sure that this won’t happen with future audio uploads?

Here is the audio I attempted to upload:

ROY KNOX x Tim Beeren - Save

You can check out the original version I downloaded at NCS’s official website:

I have made no manual edits to the audio clip other than cutting out the drop and adding a fade-in to the beginning. I have a suspicion that it was flagged because it was too loud but that isn’t in the upload terms so I am left with confusion. Thanks in advance for the help.

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I return with good and bad news. I reuploaded the audio but this time I reduced its volume to 80% and it worked. This is incredibly frustrating. Now I’m supposed to check every audio I upload in order to see if it isn’t too loud or else I risk an account ban. If I wanted to harm people’s ears with “distorted” audio I could easily achieve this by stacking audio effects in-game. The fact that I had to receive a warning for an audio clip that the music producer made really loud as well as the fact that the appeals team just put their foot down on the matter and didn’t help me resolve anything is infuriating.

Anyways, I hope this post can serve as a warning to other developers. Be careful uploading epic beat drops.

I would still like my first question answered, if anybody has any information, I’d be grateful.

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Auto moderation definitely needs improvements. I’ve seen things like this happen before too.
Of course the warning you received was an automatic moderation, so as I mentioned there are bound to be discrepancies. You can PM a mod on DevForum to request manual re-evaluation of your asset. I have done this with decals and audio before with fair and quick responses.
Not sure about volume of audio being resolvable, there may be a very fine line between acceptable and not even manually, but good luck.

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