Help with artstyle and textures

Ok so
Me and a friend have a map modeled in a bit of a low poly style, but are unsure about adding textures or not. We do programing, modeling, animation and music, but are not very good in the visual department, so i was hoping you could give feedback and criticism on how the game looks. What follows is a series of pictures comparing with and without textures. Some people have recomended that we use stylyzed textures (we are current using more realistic textures but with low transparency), but since we have no way to make them, if you have any websites with free textures we would like to recieve recomendations.If you have any other ideas on how to make the game look good please let us know too!.



I think that no textures matches with the low polygon style the most, since everything (most things) are supposed to be texture-free, so in my opinion, removing it looks better.