Help with Audit Log API

I am trying to send a request to roblox to get the audit log, how would I send it? Like what data do I need to send for it to work? And how do I send the account cookie? Here is the link: Groups Api

Hi @thebeston123 , You can’t in a roblox game send HTTP Request to Roblox API.

Instead, you should create a web app, host it on an external site, and get the data back from it.

Actualy all the Roblox API are all subdomains of roblox, so this rule applies for each API^

Remember that you cannot access the web APIs from Studio. You need a proxy (e.g. Roproxy) for that.

Regarding your question, check this post: Accessing the Roblox API - the comprehensive tutorial

It’s not enough to send the cookies in the headers.