Help with Avatar importer

“theres is not development plugin or animation suport so i’m using Design suport”

can please someone make a video showing how to make it work?. cause i tryed “alot” and the maximum i made work was 3 bones from a custon rig “humanoid”.
every time i import a rig with this some times work and some dont and most of the times all is missing the motor 6d.

also the plugin API dont say nothing abbout the _End but the program ask for add a model with name _End. also the rig in the api dont work, keep asking for “head_end” when u download it and try to import.

Edit i coud make it work if instead using bones i use PlainAxis , but with axis i cant animate stuff or set keys for bind save keyframe and i cant add propeties to axis.



You can try read this will help you out if your having trouble with importing…

Start by creating or downloading a FBX file suitable for importing.


i aready read that as u can see my post up there…


This post will help you with, your issue about importing from blender to roblox.

I had the same issue: "Unable to find part named “[PartName]_end”.

Here’s the problem & solution for anybody having this issue in the future:

Turns out blender has a feature enable by default where it adds “Leaf bones” to the end of each chain to signify where the end of the bone chain is… not helpful here.

You can find the feature here in the FBX export menu and turn it off:


Rigs should import without this issue after turning the “Add Leaf Bones” option off.