Help with bezier curve speed

nvm solved it finally after a long time

The first parameter for is the time so just change it and that will change the speed, keep in mind you have 2 tweens so change both of them.

hello, thanks for replying but that tween is vfx only for size

Then you would need to add task.wait()s to your code, in each loop, or the ones you want only.

I think that the number of segments change as distance changed hence task.wait(Duration/Segments);'s wait duration changes too, maybe that’s the reason?

Duration is a constant value and so is segments both are defined before the function

Can you maybe show a vid of it?

here is an example Desktop 2023.02.18 -

Maybe a wait in this part could work?

this part handles the points for the curve if i add a wait here it will wait like 3 seconds before the trail appears and starts running which will result in the same issue because the speed wont be changed

I can’t see any problems except in the Duration/Segments part, try to change it to a constant number and see if it makes any difference, I have no other idea why that would happen.

already tried it and its same result

Hmm… I got one last thing, I’m pretty sure it’s the problem now, so, there’s no difference in speed, it’s just because the sizes are constant (X and Y are 3), what I mean is, imagine u have 50 10x10x10 parts, if u move each of them by, say 5 studs, they will look like they travel faster at shorter distances because they are too large and fill the gapes way quicker than smaller ones, so you would need to change this size depending on the distance or somthing, I hope this is the problem.

tried it it doesnt work its same speed just less size

Isn’t that your problem? Inconsistent speed?

sorry meant same speed as before like inconsistent

I have no other ideas, sorry! Good luck on fixing it.