Help with big values on leaderboards

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    I want to make a leaderboard that can store really really high numbers and that is compatible with EternityNum i know it is possible as i have see games that has it.

  2. What is the issue?
    I have tried and tried to find something that works but i just can’t find something that works.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far?
    I have looked so many places on the internet, discord and roblox dev forum but with no luck.
    any help would be nice.

Excuse me but what’s EternityNum and can you expand what do you mean by “high numbers”?

EternityNum is a module that let’s you get number that is like 1e1e308.
And that is what i mean about high number. numbers that is big like that

Abbreviate Numbers/Currency! - Roblox (Rounding and Formatting Strings) - YouTube here slove for your problem

The problem with this is that it stored as a table which cannot be stored in orderedDataStore

May I ask why do you need this? 10 ^ 10 ^ 308 seems overkill.

Do you know the internals of EternityNum? If so, is it stored in binary or decimal?
Do you need the representation exactly or do you mind if it’s like 1 or 10 ^ 100 (which looks small compared to 10 ^ 10 ^ 308) off? I’m certain no computers currently can store 10 ^ 10 ^ 308 without losing precision so I’m certain that it’s represented with some precision loss.

How would this help? He’s not looking for formatting numbers. There’s no reason why you should be treating a formatted number into a number.

Oof sorry wrongslove now I understand her problem about can’t use it in ordered datastore

I need to do this since EternityNum has no functions for converting it to a normal number. And my game uses it as you’ll be able to get above the normal limit if 1e308 of roblox’s number value and the OrderedDataStore only allows numbers in normal format to be stored. EternityNum is a table of 3 number value like { 0, 0, 0 } = 0. { 1, 0, 10 } = 10. { 1, 1, 11 } = 100B. B is for billion

Hey, actually EternityNum has a function called lbencode(), if you input your EternityNum table it will convert it to a number that can be stored in orderedDataStore. To convert that number back you use lbdecode()


Hey, im trying to get EternityNum in My Game Do you know where i could get the module?