Help with blender Fake arm animation

So actually i was trying to make a Fake arm animation on blender

BUT i wanted to know how to make the animation work on roblox like How
can it be hold/Reload/Shoot by the player

This is where my mind is heating, i didnt find any resources on the media if someone can help me it would be great! But explain it well i had just started blender animation

Edit: sorry guys i was aware there was a good tutorial that explain it well ROBLOX How to Make A FPS *REMADE/ How to Animate With Blender - YouTube so i manage to sucessfully position the Fake arm to the camera

This includes alot of aspects such as the holding reloading and shooting are more to the scripting side as far as i know then just Search how to load blender animations to roblox

Ok thanks, i will try didnt even knew this search :sweat_smile:

hmmm i dont find any good tutorial but ik how to load it and script it ,but how can the player hold it Most likely you’ll have to rig those arms

hmm i had blender 2.8 and i watch this tutorial but he dosent explain well