Help with blender

Hi, I am making GFX, but I need help.
I want to move this:

To the other blender:

I tried to paste, but didn’t work

Try exporting the character as fbx and then importing it into your other blender file.

How do I do that?
I am new in PaintRig, and don’t know how to use it

You’d have better luck having this question answered properly on Blender-specific resource centers, like Blender’s own support forums or wikis.

This isn’t related to Roblox.

Top left corner: file —> export as —> fbx

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It’s related to Roblox. I am makign GFX, and I need help on movign a character, how that isn’t Roblox?
Search on forum ‘blender’.
A lot of topics. :roll_eyes:

Just because it uses Roblox rigs doesn’t make it related to Roblox Studio’s functionality. You’re asking how to move a rig in Blender to another file in Blender. If you were bringing the rig from Blender into Studio then it’d be Roblox-related in terms of development.

If copying and pasting the rig doesn’t work, I’m absolutely certain someone else has had a similar issue while using Blender, and you should search in Blender-specific places for better and more accurate answers.

I personally haven’t had issues with copying/pasting armatures or rigs from one Blender file to another, but I know others in Blender support areas would know more about it. The Dev forums won’t necessarily have people with that kind of expertise.

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