Help with blender

Help, when I import my .obj avatar so I can render it into blender, nothing shows up but it shows that its in there, what do I do?


Your avatar is probably somewhere around. Reset its location and it should be good i guess.

How do I do that? I am new to blender.

Just checked the image and i see the location is at 0,0,0 so what i thought is not gonna work. I think this will be helpful for you:

Nothing worked,

So uh??? what should I do

click it in the properties panel (top right) then press alt g

Press N to change the location. if it’s a roblox item, you usually have to change the z rotation to 180, then use SHIFT + ` to move around, or whatever your fly keybind is in settings.
Play with x y and z location values to move it around.

Will do, keep you guys updated.

So, I got it to load and I see it, how do I make it colored? Like to the player avatar?

In the top right, the ball with the checkerboard pattern should make the texture appear.
Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 6.09.49 PM

Thats what I got,

What should I do? This is so weird

If you click on the shading tab, you should see an image texture node with your avatar’s texture. Connect that to the base color of the principled bsdf node and it should appear right in render view!

If you are new to blender, I highly recommend looking up blenderguru’s donut tutorial. It’s a great way to learn the program!

Thats gonna take me a while to figure out but ok lol

Do you have discord? I think I need to dm you…

So if you look on top of the viewport window, you can see all those different tabs. The one that says shading is the one you need. If this is your first time doing anything in blender, you should check out this tutorial.

It won’t let me add a metereal output…

While your mouse is over the node editor, it’s shift-a to bring up the menu to add a node. Material output will be in the output category on that drop down menu. Blender really isn’t the kind of program you should try to ‘wing it’ to learn, it will be so much easier to follow a tutorial.

But it doesn’t pop up is what I mean.

It looks like you have the collection selected, click on your avatar and try to add it