Help with BodyGyro

hey. i have a bodygyro in the humanoidrootpart of a small humanoid model.

when i update the bodygyro’s orientation, the part’s orientation will not fully reach the intended orientation unless i set the P property absurdly high (3x higher than the intended value)

Is there any way to make the bodygyro PROPERLY ROTATE the part to the actual orientation while keeping the P property at the intended 3000?

A Humanoid-based character has a balance gyro that has extremely high torque trying to keep the player upright. It’s only disabled in specific states like HumanoidState.Physics, PlatformStanding, Flying. In specific camera modes, the character might also have an up-axis gyro to orient them to face the direction the camera is looking.

You can’t really have a BodyGyro win a fight against either of these built-in Gyros. For a classic Humanoid character, you’ll probably need to find another way to do what you’re trying to do, or start investigating the new ControllerManager stuff in beta.

Thanks so much! I changed the state to Physics and it worked! (this has been plaguing my mind for like a week)

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