Help With BodyGyro

So, I am currently making a sinking ship game and have a question regarding BodyGyro. This area of development is not my strong suit, and I don’t really have too good of an understanding of how BodyGyro functions. I just sorta played around with it until I got it to work. My issue is that, as the ship sinks and rotates, the lifeboats will maintain their current angle when they’re released from the ship. I know the culprit is the BodyGyro because upon removal, the boat rights itself. How would I go about correcting the leaning of this lifeboat without actually removing the BodyGyro?

I appreciate any help given!


Do you plan on using the gyro to steer the boat once it is released?

Yes, that’s how it currently functions.

make it so that once the boat goes to a certain point (just above the water probably) the gyro is weak/off but not removed

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That worked, at least better than any other solution I’ve tried. Thanks.

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no prob, hope your game works out