Help with BodyThrust

Hello! I’ve been working on a broomstick system for a few days now, although I’ve had this bug I haven’t been able to solve (even after thinking I fixed it, I realized I was just dumb lmao).

My issue is when I move forward, the broomstick will only move forward, backwards, left and right.

As you can see the broomstick will be rotated at an angle but only move in the four directions.

Here’s my code below for speed, I’m using a RenderStepped to update speed, rotation, and hovering

Edit: Rotation just uses a Torque to rotate it, I don’t think it’s part of the issue either way heres the code for that too:

Yaw.Torque = * 500,SteerDirection * TurnSpeed,0) -- Rotation
Thrust.Force = * Speed) -- Velocity

Help would be appreciated :smile:

You’re doing

Thrust.Force = * Speed, 0, 0)

so it makes sense that it only applies a force on the X axis. You should instead set the force to the front direction times the speed. E.g.

Thrust.Force = Seat.CFrame.LookVector * Seat.Throttle * Speed
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Doesn’t seem to work,
in this clip I’m pressing W, and you can tell I’m going backwards at some angles, and it still does the bug where it only goes North West South East

Try the game for yourself Grave Danger Tech - Roblox
Edit: The game is using the original code