Help with Camera Orientation

While making my 4X strategy game, Roblox re-did their camera system. I used to have a basic understanding of how to orient the camera, but now I’ve been forced to apply a band-aid solution, one where the camera is not facing correctly.

I just want to know how I could use a Vector3 or a part’s orientation property in order to orient the camera in a certain manner.

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You can always use workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame = workspace.Part.CFrame to position the camera in the exact orientation as a part. From there it’s a simple matter of multiplying by and/or CFrame.Angles() in order to create any kind of offset needed.

That doesn’t work anymore. It doesn’t face in the correct direction, but it could possibly be that I have my surfaces confused.

Try using

workspace.CurrentCamera.CameraSubject = workspace.Part

what it will basically do it that it will focus on the part, only on the front face

and make CameraType to be Fixed

if they want to only focus on one angle, else rotation would be ok, personal opinion.

Yeah I would definitely double-check your surfaces. I haven’t heard of any changes recently that would’ve affected that functionality.

But how would I get which surface is the front surface?