Help with camera

I’m using the EzCamera Module to create camera vibration. What I want it to do is to have the camera vibrate when the player is jumping.
EzCamera:Start(**CFrame or Instance here**,"Wobble",vibrateParams,1)
If I use a specify a CFrame, the camera will lock to that CFrame, but the problem is that you move when you jump, and the camera doesn’t . If I specify an instance, the camera will move with the player.

I’ve been trying to create a part positioned relatively to the player so I can specify an instance, and therefore the camera will move with the player . I’m using welds to do this, BUT if I use a weld constraint it will disable my ability to move . Here is a sample of my code:

		local relativePart ="Part",char)
		relativePart.Name = "RelativePart"
		relativePart.Anchored = true
		relativePart.Transparency = 0
		relativePart.Size =,1,1)
		relativePart.CanCollide = false
		local offset =,3,10)
		relativePart.CFrame = char.Head.CFrame:ToWorldSpace(offset)
		local weldConstraint ="WeldConstraint",char.Head)
		weldConstraint.Part0 = weldConstraint.Parent
		weldConstraint.Part1 = char.Head

How can I create this part relatively positioned to my head, welded to it and still have the ability to move?

Use workspace.CurrentCamera to get the current camera of any local player.

I decided to use a different camera system that doesn’t have this problem. Nevermind!