Help with changing a tools cframe, other tool parts are not following the tool's handle cframe

When I change the cframe of the tool’s handle, the parts welded to the handle doesn’t follow the handle, I have everything welded to the handle

I already tried looking on the devforum but its hard to search what I’m looking for

this is just a example tool

the handle is the brown part and body is the red part

game.Workspace:WaitForChild("Tool").Handle.CFrame *=,0,2)) * CFrame.Angles(0,0,math.rad(45))

Screenshot (706)

in studio

test playing (the camera is at a different angle but the body didnt follow the handle’s cframe )
Screenshot (704)

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Your WeldConstraint is not active, are both of your parts anchored?

yeah there both anchored, I did that so they dont keep falling through the map

One of them needs to be unanchored.

ok yeah I made the handle unanchored and it works now but I made this post because i was having trouble adding a tool to the player’s back, I have it working but the handle goes on the back and the other part of the tool is far in front of the player and I need them both unanchored cause else it would stop the player from moving

I was thinking this example would help with that problem too

I fixed my problem, I duplicated the tool and switch it into a model, and cloned it from replicatedstorage and onto the players back and all parts follow with the primarypart