Help with character positions: Weld

Hello everyone again, I’ll be clear so as not to make the post too boring:

I am trying to align the position of two characters (Character 1 and Character 2, 2 has to follow 1), AlignPosition and AlignOrientation seem like a good idea until I have to make them go at high speed, character 2 takes a while to reach the character 1
That’s where I tried with Weld, RigidConstraint, Motor6D and WeldConstraint but something happens that I don’t want, when one of the two dies (especially character 2) the other character dies in the same way, how can I weld the two characters without this happening?

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have you tried humanoid:MoveTo? its a much cleaner option compared to physically pushing the character into position

Is character 2 parented to character 1?

I tried that with a loop and with RunService.Heartbeat (yes, something I forgot is that the script is on the server side) but it acts similar to align position, I need it to be a solid connection but as I mentioned before I tried using the instances Weld, RigidConstraint, Motor6D and WeldConstrain but kills both characters if one dies
no, they are both independent characters with the same parent, workspace

if you don’t need the follower character to have any physics, etc. you can just cframe them there… im kinda out of ideas

Same result as MoveTo() and AlignPosition.

if you dont mind me asking, how?
cframing it gives you complete control of the second characters position relative to the first, how is it still trailing behind

Sorry for the late response, I think this is because the first character is going at high speed, to align the position with CFrame I am using a RunService.Heartbeat (I have tried the same with a for i loop) so it has a slight delay and makes it stay behind

use RunService.RenderStepped or RunService:BindToRenderStep, there should be no way for it to lag behind

You’re right, the problem is that these run on the client side, I need it to be on the server side.

if it doesn’t need to be smooth on every client, you can run it every frame on the important client, while only replicating it for the rest
or, you can run it every frame on every client, as long as the offset is replicated

It should be noted that I am trying to do a skill, character 1 is the “attacker” and character 2 is the “victim”. I suppose I could do something like having the victim align with the attacker in RenderStepped (cframing) through a RemoteEvent Since I have no other solutions, I will give you the solution, although this option could give me problems in the long term, thank you anyway.

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