Help with checkpoint noises/effects

Yo I’m fairly new to scripting but do any of y’all mind letting me know the correct way of making checkpoint noises and/or effects play only for the local player that touches it? I’ve been told to use a local script by some and I’ve been told to use a RemoteEvent but my mind is just all over the place and it gives me a headache. I’ve been wondering if i should either sound-script every checkpoint one by one or just add a script into the folder that my checkpoints are in. I just don’t know where to put any of the stuff. Also all my checkpoints are organized in a folder! :sunglasses: :100:

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There’s no need for RemoteEvents, just use a for loop on the checkpoints and set up a few things:

  • a boolean attribute to see if checkpoint has been reached (debounce)
  • once the checkpoint has been .Touched, check to see if the “Reached” attribute is false and if it is, set it to true and play the sound
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Preciate it mane and they’re workin now! I had to just sit there and do some thinking until I realized I had to link a startercharacterscripts folder to my checkpoints and add a sound into replicated storage so it could locally hit everything. Thanks for the help, have a wonderful rest of your day and may the Lord bless you! :sunglasses: :love_you_gesture:t4:

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