Help with clan system

Hello! Right now, I am working on a space-themed game with crews(clans). Here are the features I plan on adding and how I am planning on doing them.

  • Datastore (Will be a string formatted as “CrewName/GUID” and this should allow for crews with similar names but different IDs. Also it will be a table with all the members and their rank)
  • Server selector lists the online members of you clan (Slightly unsure, I will probs use Messaging service, Datastores, and JobIDs)

With these two main things made I’ll also need to make

  • Checking (When player joins it grabs their last known clan and sees if they have been kicked or if the clan exists)
  • Leaving Clan (Updates the clan datastore removing them, unless they are a leader.)
  • Deleting Clan (Pretty self-explanatory)

So, this is my current plan for making crews/clans. My main question is if I’m missing anything, but I would also appreciate knowing how to make a clan datastore using datastore2 (From what I know you can only make keys assigned to a player) All help appreciated , Thanks!

Store what clan the player is in though their own unique datastore key and store a list of all of the clans in a separate datastore along with all of the data of the clan (Members, etc.)

Also it doesn’t have to be assigned to a player, a key can be any string.

Im talking about DataStore2. Can you can keys as strings in DataStore2?

I presume so, I’ve never used DataStore2, but assuming you are able to save player data, you should also be able to use any key.

Just tested it and it doesn’t work. It says it requires a player instance

Just use normal datastores for storing all of the clans then.