Help with command bar shortcut

So, I’ve been making a system where if a value is true, something else will execute.
But that’s not the problem, In order to make this value true, I have to write PAINFULLY long code into the command bar.
game.ReplicatedStorage.EnemyValues.GamerMode.Value = true
I was wondering if theres anyway to shorten this code? For example instead of that mess, I could just write:
GamerMode.Value = true
GamerMode = true
Anyone know how to do this? Any help is appreciated.

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in the command bar use the up arrow key and the down arrow key

What do you need the command bar for? In public servers, the command bar cannot be used easily.

You can just set the value to be true in the explorer, or make a script to run this code after a few seconds, for debugging purposes.

For some reason why I try this, the script doesnt execute. This is why i have to use the command bar.

Put it in notepad or wherever, and copy-paste it whenever necessary.

I know this is a “normal solution” but when I’m testing, I tend to… copy something else. I just want a very accessible way of doing it.

solution 1: use the up arrow key and the bottom arrow key, which will set the command bar to the last used command

solution 2: open DNspy find the exact position of the console in C and write an elaborate code injection program to automatically use the command

solution 3: use .Changed

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