Help with Copying Personal Assets

Hello! I am trying to copy a game from my personal account to a group. I have successfully copied the place and thumbnails, but I am having trouble copying the in-game image assets. They are used as textures and for GUI’s so I need them.

The problem is, I can’t find a local copy of the images on my computer anymore. I would like to know how I can download them off Roblox so I can upload them in the group game.

(The assets are all owned and made by me.)


This is a easy solution;

And please correct me if I’m wrong, you click on the image you’re trying to copy and paste into the map, with explorer open, click on image and then click on the blue highlighted on the explorer afterwards which would be the image you just clicked on, copy and paste it into the map you want to copy and paste it to.

Or you could just right click the image and pretty sure you can save it to files or something.

Hope this helps you! Wish you best of luck!

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There should be, but there is no right click option to download. I need to copy it into the Images Asset folder, rather than into the workspace.

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No sir, I’m pretty sure you can right click it on the explorer and save it to some file or some sort!

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