Help with Creating a Realistic Wheat Crop using Particle Effects

So I am currently revamping my first ever showcase, and I wanted to change up the wheat crops that I had made oh so long ago. They were simple and uniform, and I really wanted to create something that just looked higher quality.

Original Wheat Crops

I decided to try and achieve this higher quality and natural look using particle effects, and while that may not be the most realistic approach, I attempted it nonetheless. After tinkering with the properties for a couple hours, I have finally made something that I feel at least resembles what I was going for in some way.

What I would like to know is if this is realistic, and if not, how can it be improved upon. The main problem that I see is it seems too bright, but when I tinker with the LightEmission and LightInfluence I can only seem to get it a darker shade of color. Here is an image of the properties as well for reference.

Explorer View


Particles on Top

Particles on Bottom

For reference, the particles on the top part of the model have different properties then the particles on the bottom part.

So, to sum it up, what can I do to improve on this, to make it more realistic, and to make it look closer to what I want to achieve? Any feedback is appreciated!


Use a textured beam instead of particles , they should be a bit more performance friendly than particles


I like the original ones better, but if the updated ones had maybe a bending effect and not just going straight up I think that could change my mind a bit.


Make the stalk thinner, and have multiple wheat stalks coming out from different angles


Particles on wheat? xD What a brilliant idea!

Judging by the fact there’s not wheat with particles in real life, I do not know on this one, however, I would suggest seen as it’s wheat, putting in in a field/group of grains, and then see how it is.

Nice work.

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Agreed, and mabye using blender would help too, as it can be more specific and will be easier to fiddle with. :+1:

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