Help with creating a save system for models?

hello, right now I have a building game in which I would like to allow players to save their creations.

I have a basic idea on how to do this. I plan to take all the parts that I wish to save and put their Name,CFrame, and other important information inside a dictionary. then I plan to save that dictionary so when a player loads that data, the game can use this information to rebuild someones creation.
so then whats the problem? well my game uses multiple plots that spawn when a player enters the game. a player wont be in the same spot as the previous server which poses a problem because I do not know how I would load that creation in the same spot inside the current plot the player is in.

does anyone have experience with saving models like this and can you give any help on how to do this the correct way?

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Someone asked the same exact question about two hours ago.
Has links, tutorials and all.

I already have this in mind for the datastore portion. my main concern regards the position.

once the model is “built” or loaded. its gotta be inside the players plot. however because there are more than one and the player may be in a different plot.
all plots are the same size, just potentially in a different position. so I cant just save the CFrame were its at, I would have to save it relative to the currently owned plot. that’s what I’m trying to find out.

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When saving, save the position of the objects with a negative offset of the plot’s position. This should save it relative to the origin.

When you are loading the positions of the objects, just offset all of them by the target plot position.