Help with creating data slots with datastore2

hi. im making an rpg game where players can use more than one data slot

i have already achieved this goal, but i’m wondering if the way my data system is set up will cause issues. i really don’t know if this will cause issues with scale or ratelimiting or anything, so i need help.

currently, i have it set up so that all the data that needs to transfer across slots (permanent unlocks, prestige, special abilities, purchases) are all saved under the “accountdata” datastore.
for each data slot the character has, they will have another datastore. For example SlotA/userid SlotB/userid and so on.
(each one of these is a separate datastore)

i understand that you cannot save more than a certain amount of datastores at once (60?) BUT the only time the all of the player’s slot information is being read is in the main menu, where it doesn’t actually update any of the information, only display it. in the actual game it will only at most save 2 datastores at a time: accountdata and their current slot.

will pulling information from 26 different datastores at the same time cause any issues? i’m unsure if the limitations are with calling the datastore or updating them or both, so any help would be appreciated.

you’re making a datastore for each player?

yeah im new to making data systems in previous stuff other people would do that stuff i’m more of a frontend developer

a datastore is like a category of the actual data, it’s better to store your players’ data inside the datastore, like local Data = PlayerData:GetAsync(Player.UserId)

is there any reason to doing it this way? i haven’t encountered any issues so far making a datastore for each slot but i want to do it the best way possible. if i do continue having a separate datastore for every player, will i encounter any issues with ratelimiting etc with it?

Because it has less limits that way afaik