Help With Creating Fictitious Company Name

  1. What do you want to achieve? For my upcoming superhero story game, I am trying to think of a fictional name for a company. I am thinking of something sort of like S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division), from Marvel, where it’s basically a non-government intelligence agency that works with superheroes.

  2. What is the issue? I can’t think of anything

  3. What solutions have you thought of so far? I was thinking it’d be cool to make the company name H.E.R.O., but I’m not sure it sounds good, and I can’t think of what it would be an acronym for. Does anyone have an idea?


Hmm, how about

U.P.E.R = Ultra Protocol Emergency Response

I will send your more in PM’s if you want anymore.

Sounds pretty cool, maybe if I could put a S in it it would be S.U.P.E.R (as in super heroes)

I thought about that

S.U.P.E.R = Secured Ultra Protocol Emergency Response?

How About that one?

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The U in it sounds weird, but not many words start with U. Got any ideas for the ‘U’?

S.U.P.E.R = Secured Universal Protocol Emergency Response?

How about this one?


High Emergency Response Organisation, HERO. Sounds kind of weird though, but it fits I suppose and it might stick. Simple to remember, right to the point, appropriate and fits the acronym HERO.

Based it off of the above organisation that fits into the acronym SUPER, specifically the Emergency Response part since that’s typically where superheroes come into play.

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Blox Emergency And Response.
What I said sound’s dumb.

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I have to do it… O.W.C.A. which means Organization Without a Cool Acronym