Help with Custom Character Skinned Mesh not playing animation

I have a imported skinned mesh (not R15 compatible) that I want to make playable with movement animations. I used the animation script from my R15 player and pasted my Idle animation as a test.
Screenshot 2022-02-28 182537
(this is how its suppose to look like.)

And this is what I made that seemed to work and allow me to move around with the model as a StarterCharacter.
(I had grouped all the body parts together just for the screen shot because theirs a lot of parts, the “t-shirt” represents what all the parts basically have in them, their all welded to “HumanoidRootPart”.)

But when I test play and try to move around, all I get is a T-pose even though I uploaded the animation to Roblox and pasted it into both the Idle and Walk (as a test) values in the animation script.

(I didnt set the hiphip correctly, i was rushing to test)

I’ve looked everywhere but it seems theirs no tutorials on animating and making a non R15 compatible skinned mesh playable character. I would convert it to be able to use default R15 or S15 but their are too many meshes that need to be apart for textures to work.

Please help.


Remove the AnimationController and then it should work :slightly_smiling_face: