Help with decreasing server lag

Hi I’m working on my World War One community and we just had our second major battle :ok_hand:after the battle the server started laggy, we had 70 players near the middle and it started lagging.
I have 200 player servers and I’m wondering how we can make the servers less laggy and better for a lot more people.

Thank you

Since you’re speaking about when they’re close near each other it lags, I have the feeling this has to do with the Humanoids.

I recommend connecting on CharacterAdded for every player and, using SetStateEnabled, disable any states you do not use. It might be a good idea to see if you can change any Network Ownerships if possible.


If you’re talking about network lag, you might consider optimizing how much bandwidth is being used. By this I mean the amount of data being sent to the server and back to the clients. To do this you should find in your remotes and their code a way to reduce how much data is sent in each without compromising the script functionality.

If you’re talking about humanoid lag (lag when close to people), you might consider looking out to how much items each character has, and if they’re collidable. Often, disabling collisions helps.

If you’re talking about script lag (whole server stutters, physics start slowing down, etc.), you might want to consider reviewing the entire backend to see if there’s anything pushing down on server performance, such as stuck loops, memory leaks, etc.

There are many different motives as to why the server can lag. You might want to specify what exactly happens.


Btw we use a hub system, where we have all the games with a connect button
I was thinking maybe this would be a problem

Could you explain this a little further?

Check it out here
@everyone |
Giant picture time join up before we start Join the game > Eastern Front > Connect

I cannot currently test it, please just explain it.

So it’s a game it’s the main place for all games.
Under this game is other maps.
The main game has one player spots when the others have 200

You can figure out what is causing the lag and how to possibly solve the lag issue using ROBLOX’S Microprofiler or you can use ROBLOX’S Memory Analyzer. Personally I would use the Memory Analyzer to see what is taking the most memory up. Basically to solve this allow less people in each server or if it is humanoids disabling collisions usually works but if your talking about scripts lagging review your scripts and use ROBLOX’S Microprofiler or Memory Analyzer.

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