Help with direct cloning

Hi, I am trying to make an aura equipping system. I have an R6 rig that has all of the VFX I want to equip to the character.

The problem is, there are particle emitters and attachments in the different body parts of the rig and I’m not sure how I’d tell the script to individually get each one of those instances and clone and parent them to the correct body part, as well as delete it when another aura is equipped.


I would like all of the particles above to clone onto the correct parts of the players character

You could do something like this!

local Character = Path.To.Character.You.Are.Cloning
local CharacterNew = Path.To.Clone.Character
for i, v in ipairs(Character:GetDescendants()
    local Bodypart = CharacterNew:FindFirstChild(v.Parent.Name)
    if v:IsA("ParticleEmitter") and Bodypart  then
        v:Clone().Parent = Bodypart

for deleting, you’d want to do something similar

local Character = Path.To.Character
for i, v in ipairs(Character:GetDescendants()
    if v:IsA("ParticleEmitter")  then

-- under here you'd clone in the new aura particles!

This works great! The only issue I’m having now is, I also need to parent attachments and when it comes to destroying attachments via :GetDescendants(), it’ll destroy ALL of the attachments in the parts and there are some attachments inside the players character that are needed, is there any way to avoid deleting those and only deleting the ones that the aura has?