Help with disabling client-to-server replication


Recently I’ve been trying to implement a lobbying system which requires setting player’s position on the client, but I’ve faced a problem, setting player’s position replicates to all players! ( trying to get rid of it )

One thing i wanted to try was to set all of the player’s limbs’ network ownership to the server. Didn’t really work out that well

I was wondering if there was any way to disable this kind of replication ( preferably, without making an entirely new character )

Im not sure if this is possible, but you could try cloning the players character on the client and then setting their camera to the position of the new character (sorry!)

I dont really have to do anything with the camera considering that i already have a custom camera system in place.

Also I’m looking for ways to do this without cloning/creating a new character

Thanks for the help tho!

I’m pretty sure you can’t disable client to server replication sadly. :slightly_frowning_face:

Changes on the client won’t automatically replicate to the server, so you should be fine.
The issue is that the physics calculations for the character (specifically the assembly root part) is done on the client which does magically replicate to the server. The only way to disable this replication is have it so the client DOES NOT handle the physics calculations for the character. Simplest way to do this is by cutting off all calculations completely by anchoring the assembly’s root part (don’t do this locally). This will set the network owner to the server automatically.

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