Help with Dummy not taking damage { Closed }

So i was trying to kill a dummy with a Classic Sword which can be found in the tool box.
But when i try to kill the dummy it dose not take any damage and i don know why, btw this is the default dummy you get from the plugins area and im using a classic Sword. Thank you

Here is some proof:

It seems to be working perfectly fine for me. Can you send the sword script?

its just the default one for the classic sword

what you talking about i dont think you understand what im saying so im going to say it again. the Classic Sword That is in the tool box and any other sword/ things that do damage wont kill my Dummy. The dummy is the problem not the sword/ any damage weapon

Have you tried looking at the value if it has one or the scripts dmg?
Value will probably be Called Damage or in a script search up Damage. It is most likely set on 0 as the damage, or the script has some type of error.

It has nothing to do with scripts its a Roblox Studio bug and I wanted to see if this happened with anyone else.

Then report it, instead of asking for help on the problem, or state in the first place if it happened to anyone else.

I did but im in the Help and feedback to see if i can get help so this can get fixed as well i dont have to do 1 thing only