Help with exporting existing Roblox meshes


I’m designing a thumbnail for a client and I’m trying to export his lobby from Roblox studio into Cinema4D. The only problem that is holding me back is his buildings and assets are completely mesh. When you export Meshes from Roblox Studio into C4D or any editing program. The existing meshes turn out invisible/non-existent in the 3D software.

The only way around it is to export every single meshPart 1 by 1 seperatly on separate places per part. Is there a quicker way to export meshes into 3D editing software to make the task quicker and easier for the designer?


Buildings, Tree’s, Fountain are all mesh

When I export it into C4D

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I just tried this, and you’re correct: MeshParts do not export with the rest of the .obj file. However I found that interestingly (and surprisingly) enough, a part with a SpecialMesh exported the mesh fine.

So maybe changing the MeshParts to SpecialMeshes would be an easier route than uploading each mesh separately? I’m sorry it isn’t a perfect solution.

My funny proof


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This may actually be a Roblox bug. I’ve been messing around with it for the past few weeks and I’ve noticed this specific issue:

  • The first time you use ExportSelection on your current selection, it will fail to pick up everything.

Try this to fix it:

  • Export Selection as new file
  • Export Selection again, but this time overwrite the file you just created

You should notice that all of the parts will show up.


Thanks, That worked!


Managed to get it in and textured! It also renders very nicely!