Help with Exporting Layered Clothing

Hello! I have some layered clothing on an avatar.

The avatar

So, as we all know, we can use Moon Animator (Or any other method of posing) to pose a character within studio. In this next photo, I’ve posed the character using Moon Animator, and the layered clothing follows suit.

Posed avatar

Here is my objective. I want to export the posed clothing with all the transformations as a obj. file. However, when you export the selection, it keeps its original state without the posed transformations.

Exported into Blender

I’ve done my research on this topic and most tutorials do the posing using rigs in blender. If I can pose it in studio, there’s gotta be a way to export it with the transformations, right?

  • Is there any way I can export posed layered clothing as an obj. file, while keeping the transformations?

Thanks for taking your time to help me. :grin:

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