Help with extraction from ServerStorage

I’ve been trying to create my own Car Spawner that when clicked, gets the car from a folder in ServerStorage, uses MakeJoints(), changes its PrimaryPart then uses MoveTo() a specific part’s position…
Well so far it seems pretty fair to me and the script doesn’t draw any errors but nothing really happens… Here’s the code:

	print("Clicked") -- This does work.
	local car = game:GetService("ServerStorage").Formula1:WaitForChild(script.Parent.Parent.Team.Value):Clone() -- Cloning the car. And yes, the value is right as far as I know...
	car.PrimaryPart = car:WaitForChild("DriveSeat") -- New PrimaryPart
	car:MoveTo(script.Parent.Parent.SpawnLocation.Position) -- Moving to the Part's Position
	car.PrimaryPart = car.Wheels.FR -- Setting the PrimaryPart back to what it should be.

I’d be grateful for any help.

Oh no, I am so stupid… I just realized that I forgot to set its parent to game.Workspace…
So sorry if anyone tried helping.

You can also use workspace instead of game.Workspace. Glad you found the solution yourself :smiley:

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