Help with finding a badge checklist tutorial


Im trying to make a badge checklist. Are there any tutorials to explain how to make one? I trued searching it up but i came out empty handed.


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Are you looking for something similar to this games checklist? (I know it is a bit old, but it is the first thing I thought of when you mentioned it.)

Game link: Find the Dancing Bananas - Roblox

what i mean is like a tutorial on how to make one. Sorry if it was confusing.

Ah. Well, I don’t personally know how to make one, but it doesn’t seem like it’d be too hard. I was just wondering if the one I showed in the image was like the one you wanted.

I could make a tutorial for you via youtube if you would like.

Seems like any inventory tutorial will do. I modified the egg hatching inventory tutorial from alvinblox for a normal inventory, which I rebuilt for a quest system, which I will rebuild for a rebirth system.

Here is some inspiration if you so desire

that sounds good. Thanks! I appreciate it.