Help with fitting my Gui on a phone screen

So I’m trying to make a shop screen for my game, and I already have all the code needed to make the shop work. The one last problem I need to solve before finishing the shop though is the positioning on different screens. As you can see in my photo below, my shop screen fits on the average laptop and tablet screen, but not any of the phones, probably because it is too small. Is there any way to automatically resize the Gui’s for any phone players? Thanks!

I don’t think there’s a proper way to do that, I think you may need to tweak the size around, what are you using to scale the Frames and the Textlabels? Scale or Offset?

I’m using a UIAspectRatioConstraint to position and resize the Gui for all screens.

I think that probably revolves around making tweaks to it to make it fit for both phones and other devices. There could be a way to do it via scripting, but it would be a bit convoluted to do, the best is tweaking and seeing what works

The bad thing about that though is that if I make the Gui small enough for phone screens, then it will be too small for average laptop players. Any way around that?

If u use the scale of UDims, it will scale with the screen (its basically the percentage). For example 1 scale will be 100% of the screen and 0.5 will be 50% of the screen.

How would I set a UDim then for my Gui?

Size, Position and other stuff that look like {number, number}, {number, number} are called UDim2’s they’re basically two UDim’s. Each pair ({number, number}) is a UDim. The first number is the scale, and the second is the position.

In properties there is also a arrow that you can click and will show the X, Y components and if you expand those u will see the Scale and offset components.