Help with Future Lighting Technology

Greetings Developers,

My name is Crash and I’m a showcase builder on Roblox.

Recently, I have been working on a showcase place of mine, and I’m using future technology to make it look even better, yet recently I have discovered something I’m a little unsatisfied with, which is this weird light-change.

So, when you’re in the middle of the room, the room appears dark, but when you get closer to the light, the whole room lights up as well.

Example: Roblox ( [Yeah, I’m sorry for the Gyazo link, I usually don’t use that to support my post with evidence]

How do I fix this (if this is an issue), or how do I control it?


Hello again @CrashFacts!
Yes, I have encountered the same thing before. It’s likely a shadow issue/glitch.
does the lights have a pointlight? It might help if not.

If it continues, Use shadowmap as an alternative. Hopefully it fixes the problem.


Hello there Cheesy,

Thanks for the reply, I will take your possible solution in consideration and try.

Thank you!