Help with GFX effects

Hey, I know I might be asking for a lot here, but does anyone think they can teach me a bit on how to improve my editing when it comes to GFX’s? I’m relatively new to GFX’s, and the effects on mine either look bland, are just stocks, or are just bad. If anyone could help me in anyway possible, by either linking some good tutorials or even teaching me themselves or anything like that, I would really appreciate it.

Here are some of my work

(I know a lot of them aren’t ones that use a lot of effects but these are probably my best work)

Thanks for reading, and have a good day.


can you give us examples of your work so we know what you need improvement on/

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Hi! When I make my GFX’s I used Blender!

I render with Cycles Blender which allows you to use HDRI’s for the lighting and it really makes the models you’re rendering look nice (depending on which you use). There’s a lot of things you can do while rendering in blender to create an effect (like adding an emission shader to something you want to glow). I’m not sure if you use Blender or Cinema4d to render so not sure if what I said was helpful??

If you meant effects like while you’re editing the render itself in photoshop or something you can always use lense flares? It really varies from what kind of GFX’s you are making. For an example the ones in which you have a sword for an example, placing a image of a lightning bolt with a black background over it and changing the opacity while messing with the other settings can make a really cool effect. I’m not a pro though so everything I said was just stuff I do

I edited it with some of my work in it.

Thanks, I’ll definitely use the black background thing you were talking about. Know where I can find a bunch?

OT: Lighting and how the objects in the scene work together is key. The third image with the masked dude is really damn good with the effects.

The third image, is the background objects, or a background picture?

To show movement through those “lazers” you can use motion blur and smudge. Shading would be great (for example shadows).

I’d suggest you work on your lighting and texturing, but everything else is :ok_hand:

The last one is too bright, with the effects all of it should match the lighting with good contrast in the colors.

now for fx

you can easily make some within photoshop cc or illustrator cc i usually use google to find some images and use a blend overlay but i use blender to make my effects. there are tons of effects you can make in blender

tutorials nah, just gotta look at what looks good but you gotta blend it with the scene

Thanks alot! I’ll definitely take your advice, thanks for replying. Oh, and on the third image the background is made up of objects.

Basically I search up “lens flare png black background” on google or “red swirls png black background” and then I set the opacity as 50% and set the mode as a screen (you should have the option to multiply it and overlay is etc)

I find that the primary peeve of mine that is triggered when I look at your work – no offense – are the backgrounds. Most of them do not blend in with your work and look like they have the classic ‘Green Screen Effect’. Here’s some things you can do to have your background have the same sort of style and blend in a bit better with the main focus of the art piece.

  1. Choose your backgrounds wisely. It’s always best to ensure that you’re not using any copyrighted work, so look for background on free image-hosting websites that are targeted to be royal-free. Secondly, make sure your background fits the style of the character you made.

  2. Make sure the character you edited meets the size proportions of the background. For example, if there is a building next to the character, make sure the background or character is scaled to fit the dimensions of the building, otherwise it’ll make the character in the shot appear to be either bigger or smaller, thus not fitting in well with the theme.

  3. The style of the background is also dependent on the style of art you made with the character. For Roblox characters, an actual photograph of real-world scenery can be a bit tricky to pull of. So, try to stylize the background to look more game-like or cartoonish. Basic things you can do is adjust the contrast, import a pre-made style, use filters, etc.

How you do all of this is dependent on what photo editing software you use. The best way to do these things, if you don’t know how to do them already, is to look up tutorials on YouTube. I hope this post has helped you, and if you want further help, don’t be afraid to ask. (:

Thanks for this! I’ll be sure to use this advice when making GFX’s.