Help with global store system

i was wondering how i could make a global store? that the player can put values in a “Table” and be shared with every server, an example is the My Restaurante that uses a system similar to my goal.

I don’t have much experience with cross-server stuff like this but here’s a few things to put you in the right direction. If I had more knowledge on this I’d have more to offer, sorry.


Another topic that covers a similar thing:

You could use messaging service and fire an event to send this table to all the servers. Except I would wait for cloud scripts.

How can I do this? I really don’t understand anything about messages and events between servers

When a message is sent all servers receive it, and they can execute a function when the event is recieved kinda like an event.

The message can be sent whenever a particular thing happens such as buying an item (example).

All the servers subscribed to the event get it.