Help with Gory Interface setup

Do you guys know how to set up Gory interface? It contains scripts, GUIs, and many things I have no idea how to manage, I did manage some things already, like putting helmets, backpacks, and uniforms in a folder, and even putting them in a script with their own regiments and even ranks. But when I start the game, I don’t appear with my uniform, I choose my uniform and still nothing, I’m so lost on this… so many folders, etc… I just need help from experts or… someone to at least help me, if you need any more info, please tell me.

By the way, this interface looks old too.

Please include any information that could be of use to us, like scripts, explorer setup, etc. Right now it’s impossible to determine your problem based on what you’ve told us.

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Umm yeah… I know that. I just, Idk… I can show you the scripts, but there’s many folders, scripts, GUIs, and many other stuff.

Anyway, here it is:

Each of the folders, scripts, and GUIs have more stuff inside.

Edit: This is a known colonial GUI.

I did some changes just like the crest, and some other stuff, but not the entire GUI or scripts…

Here’s a list of the scripts open, If you wish to see each of them, please tell me…

1, change the GroupID value to your group ID as seen here; in ReplicatedStorage

2, everything here is hard to read from what you’re showing, please leave more detail to what we need to do to help you, or what you are trying to achieve as you’re sort of all over the place.

Mk, First off, the group ID is already put, I can show you everysingle script and etc. What I actually want is to set it up, what do I mean to “set it up”? What I mean is, Spawn with the uniform(hat,backpack,shirt,pants, etc) <Which should do, Spawn at correct spawn, Team you, auto give you the uniform, Choose/set uniform to a person or yourself, Russian Commands, and even more updated shouts.

This is a good example of the result I want:

When uniform selected you should appear with such.