Help With GUI Alignment

Greetings, so from the title this isn’t about the offset, scale stuff. This is about the little green lines on the GUI that help you align, so with that, I have noticed a problem.

So in the first image you can see that the lines are aligned, but its clearly not in the center, it off centered by a lot.

This is what it should look like in reality, I am really confused why my Y-Axis line isn’t appearing, help will be greatly appreciated.

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Roblox’s alignment system is not the most reliable thing. Is your anchorpoint set in the first image?


Hello, its set to 0,0.
My solution was just to put 2 GUI’s together and center this GUI in between.

Have you got any other frames, perhaps transparent ones in the area of where it’s centering?

That could be your problem. Hope this helps.

(ps: there are also plugins to help you center it, this should be useful: Zawie's GUI Positioning Tools - Roblox)

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Hello, nothing in the middle, although I was able to find a work around, thank you for showing me this plugin.