Help with GUI color scheme / design

I am trying to make an interesting looking retro loading GUI and I am having a hard time finding colors that contrast with pink and colors that will stand out more while still fitting into the theme. Please respond with any suggestions or ideas for this GUI

Something I’ve never liked with “typing” textlabels is how people always seem to center it in the middle. It makes it harder to read and sometimes takes away form the effect you’re trying to create (center it to the left). Other than that, it has a very good retro aesthetic!


The intro is pretty awesome. I love the detail and the effects you added. Although the loading gui is a bit lengthy and that could result in some players leaving.


No it doesnt load anything that is the GUI

Oh ok. It is honestly a very nice Intro GUI. Good work with it my dude.

Looks good to me. I like it!

Looks very nice and its also old school Gui!

The scaling once it reaches x amount of letters is weird.

ok ill try and make text box height a bit smaller

You mean the width bigger?

No because the text is scaled with the TextScaled property so lowering the height would resize it and prevent it from hitting the X bounds.


You and I think differently.

The GUI itself has a good feel. Although I’m not a big fan of the “Typing” textlabels, I do like the font you chose. As an idea, maybe try and see if a “Fade Away” type of textlabels similar to the background will change your GUI drastically.
Also, for the background, you could also look into using the same type of movement as the textlabel for
Essentially making different backgrounds come from the left to right other than fading away.
These are just some ideas that came to my mind. Other than that, I love the fitting aesthetic.

Google Miami Vice Poster you will find a link to That is the load screen from the Miami Vice Video game. It dealt with the Color issues you mentioned.

The conflict you face is that your background is a warm color. Any blue text will be a cool color. Warm colors will read as forward while cool colors will read as background. This is the problem you are facing, basic color theory. To test your image. Squint and see if the idea is communicated. Your ideas should be three words that convey your game.