Help with GUI scaling

Lemme explain myself better:
-Light blue frame is on Srarter GUI
-Dark blue frame ISNT inside light blue
-Rectangles are inside a folder which is inside dark blue frame

I applied the auto scale to Main

keep light blue frame separate, keep rectangles inside of dark blue frame. In theory, the scale should be working properly. I’ll get you an example.

Thts how is it lol, strange. Want to make a tamviewer or a anydesk?

Using Anchorpoints + scale and position works perfectly fine for me. Make sure you don’t have any constraints within any of the other frames.

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Dont mind making an anydesk or teamviewer? It might be faster and easier, and I can understand better through there.

I don’t know what those are. I would recommend copying my values as seen in my shop example and modifying it from there to your own. If you want to contact me through discord my acc is SirBumbo#0002