Help with guns and why they are making the player fall over

So I am an intermediate scripter, and I have been using a gun kit because I am not yet advanced enough to make my own gun system. The guns already included in it work just fine except for the fact that after the person equips them for the first time, It makes them fall over. The following are all the scripts included, from first in the explorer to last, my theory is that the problem is somewhere inside of Program_Client
(I had to put links because of text limit)
Client Config
Server Config

The gun kit link is here

Thanks to those who help :wink:

I’m not great at scripting, but I believe that the number of Parts you have for your gun don’t have the Massless property checked off:
Basically your gun weighs a lot and during your loading animation the character is being overcome by the inertia of that mass. Try checking the box, it may help.


I already tried to do that, I will check to see if there are any parts that are not being checked.