Help with Heightmaps?

So I was recently reading up on the new “Heightmaps” feature on the wiki and on the forum and I decided that I wanted to try it. I went over to paint(.)net and made a quick, 1024x1024 pixel texture that had a bunch of fades from white to black


When I went to import this, I started getting this error: image
I haven’t found any tutorials on how to create a heightmap, so if I’m unable to do it in paint(.)net the way that I did then I would like to know.

If anyone knows why this error is occurring, how to fix it, and any possible future-tutorials on heightmaps I would really appreciate the information!


Hey, your problem has a really easy solution. I’m guessing you’re using the ID that’s been uploaded via Creations tab. What you have to do instead is to upload the image with the Game explorer in Studio:


Once you’ve done that you can get back to Terrain Heightmap importer and simply select the image from the dropdown:


This should fix your issue.
Heightmaps are basically a Black and White version of your ColorMaps. The darker areas are the parts where you’ll get indents(So the darker the spot the lower it’ll go) and total opposite for Whites. You could look into this:

Here’s the link for further information: