Help with Hinge Constraint

Hi, I’m making a game inspired by fall guys. I learned how to use hinge constraints to make these things that rotate since they have physics. But the problem is that it needs to have off anchor. When I click play or run, the base part rotates a bit and moves. For my game, it is important that it stays in the center. Here is a screen shot of before and after running the game:

If someone knows how to “anchor” it without making it stop working, tell me!


Are the green parts supposed to spin around?

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Have you tried to write/script something that makes a object spin?, that would be a lot better

that’s what I would do but I was wondering if the player was supposed to turn it or something… I guess it doesn’t matter if the person made this topic and hasn’t checked it in 3 days

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Nevermind I alr solved it, sorry for forgetting closing the topic lol


The thing is that It needs physics so the player moves with the object, but nvm I alr solved it


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