Help with hinge constraint

Hi guys, how can I make it only turn?
I am trying to make it turn, but this happens;

it should stay quiet at only 1 point.
Like this;

Can someone help me?
Should I use other constraint?

What constraint should I use?
I want to make wheels turn

Is there any space between the two parts that are being fastened? Roblox physics glitch out if two parts are going through each other, so make sure that there is space in between.

noon, you didn’t understand, when I change angular velocity, it “loops” and goes back/forward/back/forward like in the video

Are you trying to get the wheel to spin?

I would utilize AlignOrientation along with AngularVelocity to get a part to rotate on only one axis.

With AlignOrientation, you will to put an attachment in another part, so if that block next to the wheel is a seperate part, then that could work, then you would put AO to RigidityEnabled, and PrimaryAxisOnly both to enabled. This will lock the part from rotating on any axis except for the Primary Axis. Next go into the attachments for AO and ensure that they’re set to the same Axis, and this will be the axis that will rotate, (1,0,0) should work here.

I am not trying to make it Spin (Like to add force)
I am trying to make it turn.

If you want to make the wheel move like a normal car use a motor to spin the wheel

no. I am trying to make it



Alright, so I tried replicating what you have, and mine works fine, based on the info you gave. It’s a default hingeconstraint, with nothing except actuatortype, angular speed, servomaxtorque, and target angle changed.

for me it happens, no clue why tho.

Can you try recreating it from scratch in a baseplate?