Help with how to Save properties

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    I will save an players chose
  2. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!
    So I made Zn system where in the settings you can chose how to show the buttons
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So player chose his buttons type how to save it that the ui objects be visible by rejoin and the rest be invisible as player chose simple save properties for player

Here a video so you know what I mean ignore the chat I try to make a custom chat but back at it you seen the buttons

Can you show the script that creates the properties for it and how it switches between 1 setting and another?

Idk the exact script but it’s a script that change properties false and treu

  script.Parent.Parent.framename.visible = true
  script.Parent.Parent.anotherframe.visible = false
  -- more from this
  script.Parent.toggle.checked.visible = true
  -- here made it the others invisible

Something like it

Something like it by playing again run this script if you last time clicked this button

You’ll have to make some properties on the server
Then connect a remote event, change it every time the player clicks on the button
Do a while loop to set the toggle checked to it’s values on the server, then we continue with the property saving
If you have issues on this step, let me know (this is necessary by the way)