Help with HttpService and Roblox api

I want to retrieve game data but every time i try and print it out i get this message. There are barely any useful resources on httpservice let alone roblox api

Im trying to access data from this website Bloxburg data
With this script

local HTTP = game:GetService("HttpService")
local url = ""
local data = HTTP:GetAsync(url) -- where the error takes place
local decoded = HTTP:JSONDecode(data)
print( -- should print out a table

But i recieve this error
How could i make this function?

Right in the docs it tells you that you can’t send requests to the roblox api:

You’ll have to use a proxy. Or use the built in services that might return the same data.


Got it, thanks for the help! I cant find any resource on proxy. Could i get a link to somewhere that can further help me?

Here’s one. just replace with for example:

One last question, I’m not very familiar with json, how can i get the data thats inside of the table

for example i want to print the name out, I thought doing would work but doesnt. So how could i access the name from the data table

Well it’s inside of an array, try saving decoded as local decoded = HTTP:JSONDecode(data).data[1] then you can